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120 Hours

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


What You will Learn



IELTS Reading

In IELTS Reading section of the test, the student has a time limit of 60 minutes and need to complete three sections comprising of 40 questions. In IELTS reading section of the test, students are tested on their comprehension of the material. The questions are True/false, Multiple choice and fill in the blanks. The total 40 questions are divided into 9 IELTS bands.

IELTS Writing

IELTS writing has a time limit of 60 minutes and consists of 2 tasks. The IELTS writing task 1 has a word limit of 150 and the IELTS writing task 2 has a word limit of 250 words. The two tasks are divided into IELTS 9 bands.

IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking test lasts from anywhere from 11-14 minutes and includes a face to face interview with the examiner and an IELTS cue card. The cue card contains a topic on which the candidate has to speak for two minutes. During the IELTS speaking the goal of the examiner is to assess the proficiency of the candidate in speaking the English language in an academic or work setting. The IELTS speaking test is also converted into 9 IELTS bands during the test.

IELTS Listening

IELTS listening has a time limit of 60 minutes and consist of 40 questions. The questions are true/false, multiple choice, and fill in the blanks. The IELTS listening consist of playing an audio conversation and the student has to listening to the conversation and answer the questions in the listening question booklet based on the audio recording.

What can you do with IELTS ?

IELTS test is world’s most trusted English proficiency test and accepted by major educational institutions and Government bodies around the world as proof of English competency. It can help students or candidates study in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K, U.S.A and the European Union.

IELTS for Immigration

IELTS is accepted worldwide as proof of English Language proficiency by the immigration departments of Canada, Australia, U.S.A, European countries and New Zealand.
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